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Visit Visa Holders And Job Seekers Can Enjoy Free Meals In UAE Restaurants

Since eight years ago a restaurant in Sharjah has offered free meals to the poor and now it does the same for people on visit visas.

Shahid Asghar Bangash, owner of the Karachi Star Restaurant has shared that people without a job or whose visas are expired can enjoy a free meal from his restaurants in Muweilah and Saja, Sharjah. This service is available to those in need across all nations – predominantly people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa who find themselves bereft of money due to job loss. All one needs to do is inform them of their visit visa situation upon arrival.

There are no terms and conditions for such people; they can order whatever is available that day without any restrictions. Shahid reported Storylines correspondent that they have also set up a code word among restaurant workers for such people so they can place an order for them so it doesn’t hurt their self-respect and nobody else knows about them.

As reported by our correspondent, the traditional Egyptian restaurant Fatta Kawareh in Abu Hail has offered the poor free meals.

Around 8,000 needy people were fed by Shujath Ali and his wife Ayesha Abrar in 2020.

On the eve of World Blood Donor Day last year, another restaurant, Yummy Dosa, offered free meals to blood donors to acknowledge their selfless act.

According to Shahid Bangash, many people come to the UAE looking for jobs, but not everyone gets one. Many of them face difficulties until they get a job. So we provide them with free meals three times a day and do not ask for money or jobs, he told the media.

Several people have visited the restaurant even for a month so there is no restriction on how many times they can visit.

During the opening of the first restaurant in the Saja area, the owner of Karachi Star revealed that this idea was floated by his late uncle.

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