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WhatsApp Rolls Out A New Feature: Finally, You Can Customize Your Chats

WhatsApp Rolls Out A New Feature: Finally, You Can Customize Your Chats

A new feature has been added to WhatsApp’s messaging platform, users will be able to customize their chat according to their preferences with the customize chat option.

The WhatsApp creators always strive to bring innovative and updated features to improve the app. One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. 

A new feature has been added to WhatsApp to allow users to edit text. WhatsApp is about to improve with a new upcoming feature that will enable users to edit text.

Users can customize texts according to their preferences with the new advanced feature.

The WhatsApp Text Editor Will Go Beyond Texting

As WhatsApp’s Beta version has already been released, users can now experience its text editing features.

There are two main goals of this feature: to edit texts and to offer something beyond that. The quality is a new addition to WhatsApp that will allow users to edit more files through the app.

Currently, the beta version is only available for Android users, but an iOS version is in development. Users can edit text, images, GIFs, video files, and more.

Moreover, the feature will allow users to pick different font styles and edit the fonts to their classes if they want to use something other than the predefined ones.

Additionally, users can add text to videos, images, and GIFs, so they can customize the text before sharing the files.

Also, the text can be aligned accordingly. The user can also change the background colors of the text. This allows the user to highlight or change the text color to differentiate it from other texts.

However, users of the messaging app can alter texts that have already been sent. The option will be available for 15 minutes after the text has been sent.

WhatsApp users requested the action to correct typos or embarrassing messages sent to others in group chats or personal messages.

This function is being created at the moment and will be accessible soon. Another exciting feature will allow users to edit specific messages in the app.

It is expected that some more adjustments will be made to the edit since it is still in the early stages of testing.

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There is no doubt that WhatsApp’s new enhanced features will make communication easier and more flexible for people all over the world.

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