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Winter Snacks To Keep You Warm

From the heart of South Asia, winter calls for munchies. Pakistan offers many winter snack options. We may return to them every year, but they never get old. In our case, the day begins with chai and ends with snacks.

Basic but comforting foods include hot chocolate, samosas, halwas – especially carrot-based ones – soup, dry fruits, gajak (also known as chikki and brittle), and garbanzo beans.

Here are some winter snacks you should definitely try this season.


The soup we eat on a chilly evening reminds us of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie would come home and eat cabbage soup with his grandparents and mum. Although Charlie’s circumstances may be different, a bowl of soup with family as the weather turns chilly is a whole new experience for us in Pakistan.

Gajar ka Halwa

Even if you’re on a diet, gajar ka halwa makes the perfect cheat-meal snack, because it’s scrumptious and filling. It’s totally a must-have!

Dry Fruits

No one ever said that a fistful of dry fruits hurts anyone because a fistful is never enough, especially for dry fruit. During the winter, Pakistani — or perhaps even desi households display them on the table. Our favorites are pistachios, cashew nuts and raisins.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate trend is more prevalent on the western side. We like adding a little peppermint candy to our hot chocolate to add our own twist. Even if you ignore it, friends on Instagram or cooking accounts will badger you into having it and soon you’re hooked.

Chikki (Peanut brittle)

Rice snacks and brittle placed near a lantern on a pushcart are probably your favorite foods if you are a true desi. The almond and peanut brittle pieces are our favorites because of their crunch and sweetness, and they go perfectly with a cup of green tea after dinner.

Holay (Garbanzo beans)

In Sindhi, green chickpeas are known as fota, while the majority call them holay. Green chickpeas are also a great winter snack here, whether you roast them, boil, or microwave them. They taste yummy in any way you eat them.

Comment below with your favorite winter snack! Bon Appetite.

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