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YouTube will soon let you ‘search for words’ inside videos

Users will be able to search through a YouTube video transcript with a “search in video button”

In addition to improving YouTube search results, Google plans to allow users to create educational courses. Some of these features are already being tested, meaning they will be available soon.

According to the company, YouTube is “piloting” a feature that lets you search words within a video using its Search app. You can use the “search in video” button when searching for something and receiving video results. This will allow you to type in a phrase to see if it appears in the audio transcript.

You can tap on the timecode to go directly to the exact moment the phrase was spoken once you find the context you searched for on YouTube.

Searching for a video’s transcript manually or automatically has been already possible for a while. However, you had to open the transcript and use your browser to search.

YouTube announced in October 2021 that it would be experimenting with mobile apps to let people search through transcripts. The app is now available to view transcriptions on iOS and Android. As it is still being tested, it does not offer the ability to search through the transcripts.

Taking Courses

The company announced Courses, a service that lets creators sell educational videos and supplemental materials such as PDFs and images. You Tubers can use Courses to compete with paid educational services like Skillshare or Masterclass, but they can also offer them for free. They will be available under the relevant videos section.

The company is also developing a feature to make YouTube videos available in multiple languages and to have multiple audio tracks, like streaming services and movies.

It is currently being beta tested by Google with Indian hospitals and healthcare providers. You select the settings button and then the audio track menu. The audio track menu will display all available languages.

According to Google, the company tests third-party AI translations and dubbing services. However, YouTube already auto-transcribes captions, so a text-to-speech function would not be surprising.

The features were revealed at Google for an event, but it is unclear if they will be rolled out elsewhere.

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